Let me introduce to you the snake that reinforces the phrase “Never trust a pretty face”- the boomslang snake.

Adding to the repertoire of s#!t scary snakes, Dispholidus typhus is a swift, agile creature whose venom certain packs a punch. Thankfully, it’s shy, non-aggressive and difficult to track down in its home of sub-Saharan Africa, but that hasn’t stopped it from rightfully earning a fearsome reputation.

Boomslangs spend most of their time chilling out in trees in a variety of environments, from coastal thickets to savannahs. These snakes exhibit sexual dimorphism, meaning that the males and females display obvious morphological differences. The females are typically brown, whereas the males can display a variety of bright colors, from greens and yellows to pink-ish reds. A characteristic feature of these snakes is their strikingly large eyes that take up a large proportion of their heads. Youngsters are particularly beautiful because their eyes are an iridescent green, but don’t let these puppy dog eyes fool you. This snake will mess you up.

For many years, it was believed that this species was harmless, but world-renowned herpetologist Karl P. Schmidt learned the hard way that this snake is, in fact, badass. Back in 1957, whilst examining a young boomslang, Schmidt was bitten on the thumb. Given that nobody knew these snakes were deadly, Schmidt thought nothing of it and carried on as normal. In just one day, he died of respiratory arrest and cerebral hemorrhage; an event that quickly spurred researchers to examine this snake’s venom, which unsurprisingly turned out to be highly toxic.

Boomslangs are rear-fanged, meaning that they’re equipped with large teeth at the back of their mouths. Consequently, to inject their prey with venom, the snakes have to open their mouths very wide, around 170 degrees.

What this snake’s venom does to you would not be out of place in a horror movie. It’s hemotoxic, meaning that it destroys red blood cells, disrupts the clotting process and causes tissue and organ degeneration. What this unfortunately means is that massive hemorrhage ensues, causing the victim to bleed from the gums, nose and other orifices. Sometimes, the body of the victim will turn blue because of the widespread internal bleeding. Adding insult to injury, the process can be extremely slow, sometimes taking 5 days for the victim to die of internal bleeding. Thankfully, there is an antivenom, so if you’re bitten by one of these guys- don’t hang about.

Happy nightmares. 

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Jan Harding and her husband had just arrived at a Utah restaurant for a relaxing lunch with friends when she filled her cup with sweet tea from a self-serve beverage station.

The 67-year-old grandmother took one sip before spitting it out and exclaiming to her husband: "I think I just drank acid."

In fact, the tea was laced with a highly toxic industrial cleaning solution meant for degreasing deep fryers, authorities said. It contained the odorless chemical lye, the active ingredient in drain cleaners.

Four days later, Harding was in critical condition Thursday at a Salt Lake City hospital's burn unit, unable to talk and fighting for her life, lawyer Paxton Guymon said. She hasn't improved since Sunday, when she and her husband went to Dickey's Barbecue Pit in South Jordan after church.

Investigators and the restaurant manager have told the Hardings that a worker mistook the cleaning product for sugar and accidentally mixed large quantities of it into the iced-tea dispenser, Guymon said.

"It's disturbing that this kind of toxic, poisonous material would be in the food prep area and somehow find its way into the iced tea vat," the attorney said. "I don't know how something like that can happen."

South Jordan police are still investigating how the chemical ended up in the sweet-tea container, but they think it was accidental, Police Cpl. Sam Winkler said. South Jordan is a suburb of 60,000 about 15 miles south of Salt Lake City.

Investigators are reviewing video footage from inside the restaurant and interviewing staff who worked that day and in the days leading up to the incident.

They have determined Harding is the only victim, Winkler said. It appears she was the first to drink the tea that day, and restaurant employees dumped it out after she was burned, he said.

John Thomson, owner of the Dickey's Barbecue South Jordan franchise, said in a statement Thursday that he's praying for Jan Harding and cooperating with investigators. He said he would refrain from commenting on the specifics of what happened out of respect for the Hardings. His restaurant is one of 400 Dickey's around the country in the Dallas-based chain.

Guymon said he will wait for the police investigation to finish before determining what legal action to take.

The chemical, also known as sodium hydroxide, comes in both liquid and powder form. The one the worker added to the tea was a powder, Guymon said.

The chemical also is in products such as Drano, said Tom Richmond, professor of chemistry at the University of Utah. "It would start dissolving your insides," he said.

Doctors are trying to determine if it caused any tears in Harding's esophagus or stomach, Guymon said. The woman lives in the Salt Lake City suburb of Sandy with her husband of 47 years, Jim Harding. They have three adult children and six grandchildren.

Jim Harding and the couple's children are by her side at the hospital, praying for her recovery, Guymon said. They declined to comment through the attorney, who spoke on their behalf.

It's unclear if the employee who added the chemical still works at the restaurant or if anyone there faced any kind of disciplinary action. Guymon didn't know, and a Dickey's corporate spokesman didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

The restaurant has remained open since the incident, said Jeff Oaks, Food Protection Bureau manager at the Salt Lake County Health Department. His office inspected the establishment Monday and found all chemicals properly labeled and separated from food items.

The health department is awaiting results of the criminal investigation to determine if it should issue any violations. It's unlikely the restaurant would be fined or shut down, Oaks said. The department focuses on education and prevention over punitive measures, he said.

Health officials aren't aware of anything like this ever happening in Salt Lake County before. Oaks said restaurant-goers don't need to be worried.

"I believe this to be an isolated incident," he said.

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Still Taping. . .

Painting. . .

Moving Furniture. . .

More taping. . .

More Painting. . .

More Moving Furniture.

Repeat, to infinity! LOL

For those of you who already know I'm superwoman (Lol), but still wonder how I'm able to move all this furniture on my own. . .

I will give up my secret! 

These things ROCK! 


They are called Movealls!

I just bought another 8 pack so I wouldn't have to take out the ones I have planted under my King Size bed right now! 

8 of these bad boys at Home Depot only cost $8.27! 


Here are a couple awesome D.I.Y. tips to know about these cool dohickey's. . .

#1 --> It says that these work on carpet. Truth be told, they work on carpet AND hard wood flooring awesome! Which leads me to tip. . .

#2 --> They sell these in a 4 pack with grey fluffy little things you can put on them (like socks) to use on non carpeted flooring. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY! Those furry things are a PAIN IN THE ASS to get on and off they fit sooo tight, and as said in tip #1, these work on hard floors as is! 

So you can pay $8.27 and get 8 awesome Movealls, or you can pay the same and get only 4 and then 4 of those furry things!

I think you know the right choice! 

That's it for Laura's D.I.Y. tip of the day! Stay tuned till next time! 

Share this to save it to your wall and so your friends and family can also benefit from my handy tips! 

Back to the repeat! :)

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Just finished mowing the grass. . .

Ahhh, the blessings of life.

Having a yard to even mow.

Having a mower to mow it.

Being FREE and having the ability to be present to mow.

Sound CrAzY?!

It's not.

If it sounds that way to you, you need to change your mindset.

Be grateful for that which you are blessed with.

EVEN IF you don't think it's much.

Our Father in Heaven won't bless you with greater abundance until you learn to appreciate what He's ALREADY blessed you with.

Imagine if you weren't FREE.

Imagine if you were stuck in a 6 x 6 cell.

You'd learn the value REAL QUICK of having the ability to mow your yard, or clean your counters, and even listen to your children quarrel.

Sound like I'm talking from experience?


Life is TOO SHORT to take ANYTHING for granted.

That is why I will NEVER work at a J.O.B. again for the remainder of my time on this earth.

My children already lost too much time with me because of my past.

I won't allow being stuck at a job away from them to steal anymore of my precious and valuable time.

I found a way to be a stay at home parent all while supporting my family and have been doing so for over 2 years now.

If you have the desire and drive to do the same because you too understand the value of your time, I am here to help you get started on your journey and show you the way.

Keep in mind, my results are NOT typical. 



I KNEW I was going to bust my ass and do WHATEVER IT TOOK to make it work because I refused to lose another moment with my kids. 

And that's exactly what I did.

This is NOT "Get Rich Quick".

There's no such thing.

This is WORK. 

Just because you are doing it from home doesn't mean it's not.

You have to be MORE DISCIPLINED and responsible because you don't have a boss looking over your shoulder to tell you what to do.

IF you have what it takes, then you're not typical either and you will be successful.

If you don't, then stick with your J.O.B.

I seek to help those who like I did, STEP UP and do whatever it takes to change thier lives.

If you're with me, then stand up, go look in the mirror and say, 


Then come back to your computer and CLICK HERE!

If you’re going to cook a steak, getting a fresh cut of meat is always the preferred way to go. When meat freezes, the natural water content of the meat turn into ice crystals, which can damage the fibers of the meat, causing it to be dry and tough. 

However, sometimes things happen, and you can’t always cook steaks the day you bought them. Most people will freeze the steak and then defrost it when the time comes to actually cook it, because it’s more similar to using a fresh steak. However, Dan Souza of Cook's Illustrated performed an experiment to explore if it is better to use a thawed steak, or to go ahead and cook the meat while it is still frozen.

Surprisingly, Souza found that cooking a frozen steak was preferable to one that had been thawed. The frozen steak retained more moisture and had a smaller grey band, which indicates overcooking. 

Check out the video that explains why cooking a frozen steak is a better choice than thawing out the meat, and listen to Souza’s tips for properly freezing the meat so it won’t cause a grease fire later when it is time to cook.

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